A Replicated 1920s Emerald Statement

Kaitlyn originally came to us with a different request: she wanted us to source an antique art deco emerald ring from the with all the right style, design and character that embodied everything a showstopper should be from the 1920s. 

We're always on the search for the rare and unique--and if we come across a gem that seems like it fits the style and budget of what our clients are looking for, we pass it along for final approval before we grab and send it off to a new home.

The original antique art deco ring that ended up being our direct inspiration for Kaitlyn's new design.

After several weeks of looking for the perfect ring that fit everything Kaitlyn dreamed of, we found a stunning antique emerald beauty going up for auction... unfortunately, we weren't the only ones who thought fell in love with the ring and it sold to the highest bidder out of her budget. The search went on for several more weeks, and every ring we found after paled in comparison to "the one that got away".

We talked through three different designs and corresponding sketches, all that were a modern take on a 1920s design.

Knowing our timeline may not allow us to find another ring to rival the antique design she fell in love with, Kaitlyn was kind enough to let us take a stab at replicating it.

The final digital rendering of Kaitlyn's dream ring.

Charged with sourcing all new gemstones for this design, we came across a gorgeous natural emerald slightly larger than the stone in our inspiration ring to make the perfect 1920s inspired statement.

With near identical details to the original 1920s ring, the final design with the slightly larger emerald turned out to be even more of a statement than the original ring. 

Needless to say, this stunning beauty had everyone in the studio SWOONING over every aspect of its final design. And we couldn't be happier that Kaitlyn was equally thrilled her new heirloom--it truly turned out to be a gorgeous piece she can hold onto and pass down for generations to come. 

 Thanks for trusting us in complete redesign and sourcing process Kaitlyn! This project was worth all the time, work and effort.