A Grandmother's Diamond Made Modern

Taylor's original diamond engagement ring inherited from her grandmother.

Taylor came to us hoping to reimagine a very special ring on an even more sentimental occasion - her 30th birthday. The diamond engagement ring she brought us originally belonged to her grandmother, whom Taylor also shared a birthday with.

The two celebrated their birthdays together every year, and knowing this would be the first after her grandmother's passing, she hoped to create something extra special to keep her grandmother close.

Initial, design sketches of different east-west bezel settings.

Digital rendering of the final design.

After our initial consultation, we landed on a design that would be equally classic, timeless, and modern--something Taylor could wear every day. Not wanting a ring with prongs to easily snag, a bezel setting was decided to be the best fit for her lifestyle.

The final, finished ring.

The final design ended up being a timeless blend of classic and modern: the knife edge bezel setting was gradually widened sloping to the bottom of the ring--providing not only a design illusion, but durability.