Heirlooms are Meant to be Worn

Did you inherit a family ring that you never wear? Have a necklace passed down that's outdated or just not "you"? We've taken on your fine jewelry commissions by request for years, and now we're thrilled to open up and finally offer heirloom designs with your precious stones on a larger scale.
Our new streamlined process will allow us to work with you locally and virtually across the country.

How it Works

Every project we take on is completely different.
We work with your existing diamonds, gemstones, rings, and other pieces of jewelry to create an equally sentimental heirloom you can wear every day.


Our design process simply starts with your ideas.

After an initial consultation, we hand-sketch multiple design options as a starting point to guide the conversation to a final design.

Once a design is decided on, we create a digital rendering to accurately assess and portray the piece through a realistic lens. To help ease any hesitations, we can even have a 3D wax model created for you to assess and try on before the casting and creation process begins.

As soon your give your final approval on the design - and we source any additional elements (such as gemstones, chains, etc.) that your accessory may require - your new heirloom will begin the creation process.

The creation process will take around three weeks from start of casting to the finished, end result. Keep in mind this time frame does not include the initial consult and design renderings, so be sure to allow enough time to talk through ideas if you have a specific end date in mind.

How do consultations work?
Everything starts after we receive your initial email. From there we can book an in-person appointment at our Nashville studio, arrange a phone call, or schedule a FaceTime virtual meeting.
How many designs do you initially sketch?
It all depends on the scope of the project along with what is discussed in our initial consultation. Every project looks different, and some commissions may require more designs than others.
I live across the country from your studio in Nashville, how would the commission process work virtually?
We love working with our clients from all over the States! We're always happy to schedule a phone or video call to start the design process. From there, you can ship your heirlooms to our studio or we can create an insured, pre-paid shipping label for you to wrap up your items and safely send our way.
If I have an old ring and want to redesign just the stones, can you use the same gold from the old setting in the new design?
Right now we cannot use the exact same gold from an existing piece of jewelry to cast in your new design, but we can credit precious metal's value in weight toward your commission total.
Does the design process cost extra?
Nope! At this time all of our design services are free of charge.