A Modern "Toi Et Moi" Ring Design

The final, finished ring with initial sketch designs and variations.
Zach originally came to us with his grandmother's diamond ring wanting to create a sentimental design for his girlfriend incorporating his heirloom stones. Wanting to create a design as equally unique as his girlfriend with meaningful symbolism, we began with sketches using two main stones with accenting heirloom diamonds.
The CAD rendering of the final ring design.
After talking and designing through several iterations, we decided to forego the the additional heirloom diamonds and keep it simple with two main stones - the perfect "Toi Et Moi" design. 

“Toi Et Moi” translates to “You and Me” in French and first became a famous style in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Josephine de Beauharnais with a ring holding two stones side by side.

The final cast, set, and finished design.
Staring from scratch, we sourced a gorgeous rare olive green emerald cut tourmaline and radiant cut pear stone to sit adjacent - each held in an extended 14k yellow gold cat-claw setting - to represent Zack and Charlotte and their love together.

You know we love sentiment and story, and designing this ring with Zack was a special time to collaborate on the perfect, meaningful ring to represent his and Charlotte’s love! Congratulations to this colorful and bright couple!