A Different Kind of Emerald Engagement

Ben came to us with an extra special request: he wanted to design a fully custom engagement ring that would be equally stunning, timeless, sentimental and suitable for his girlfriend's lifestyle. He didn't have heirloom stones to incorporate, nor did he have any particular preference in a specific stone cut. So we started from scratch with this project, knowing we would also be sourcing the stones.

The initial sketches exploring a three stone layout with an emerald cut center diamond and matching baguettes in varying bezel settings.

He knew and loved the idea of a ring with a 3-stone design. With that in mind, as well as a mindset of designing a ring that would be equally timeless and modern, we settled on matching baguette step-cut diamonds to frame a 2 carat emerald step-cut center stone. Ben's girlfriend is an artist and illustrator--to best suite her career and desire to rarely ever take the ring off, we explored various bezel settings as the best option to avoid prong snagging and encourage protection of the stones considering longterm and extensive wear. 


The CAD rendering of the final bezel ring: we left the back of the design open to allow more light to reflect through the stones and provide an easy way to clean the ring and diamonds.

The emerald step-cut and baguette diamonds set in their final, polished bezel setting.

The combination of the bezel setting and emerald step-cut diamond really made the final, finished engagement ring a true modern and timeless beauty. We all fell in love with this ring and couldn't be more happy for the future of this sweet couple!