Heirlooms Made Stackable

Haley's original rings and tennis bracelet inherited from her mother.

Haley came to us with multiple diamond accessories inherited from her mother including a tennis bracelet and two rings. Wanting something classic and versatile, we decided to create simple stacking bands that would easily make an impact stacked together or worn individually.


Initial design sketches.

After the initial consult, we learned that Haley was all for non-traditional design: she wanted something asymmetrical, simple and classic - but still a design that was uncommon. We ended up pursuing very simple bands; laying out her stones in a placement that may have been considered "out of the norm" but would still fit together as a beautiful stacking set.  

Digital renderings of Haley's stackable final ring designs.

We used the smaller diamonds from her tennis bracelet to encompass the majority of the half eternity design - alternating the slightly larger diamonds in an asymmetrical pattern. 

The final ring designs of Haley's interchangeable and stackable rings.

We couldn't be more in love with the final these three stackable beauties for Haley. She can easily mix and match one or multiple of her new rings with other heirlooms - or simply keep them together for a stunning traditional statement.