Find us in British VOGUE!


We. Made. British. Vogue.


If you happen to pick up a copy, don’t blink—you might miss Glen & Effie’s small profile alongside several other jewelry designers toward the back of February’s issue. It’s undeniably small, but it’s mighty for so many reasons:

This business started in a dorm room. I was twenty one, had little interest with a career in fashion, but was armed with my constant childhood desire to create. Create, design and make. Those early designs sparked a curiosity—an honest urge to see just how far I could take what I had (quite literally) started to build. Those close believed in me. Others saw what I was doing and took a chance on me. And in almost every early opportunity, conversation, pitch and presentation I began referring to Glen & Effie plurally—“our designs”, “what we’re doing”—never wanting anyone to know my age or just how small my college operation was.

Today there are more hands behind the scenes justifying the “we” behind this brand—and don’t get me wrong, this little jewelry business is still incredibly small—but that “we” has taken on a completely different meaning. To those who provided opportunities, purchased early designs, showed up for the first trunk shows, the many who have walked alongside me offering advice, support, and encouragement, to the people I’ve never even met placing orders across the country, and so many more—you all have been the collective force, the “we”, behind Glen & Effie’s continual growth.

It’s truly humbling—every sale and commission, regardless of the amount—that you choose to invest in the stories made and told within each accessory. Thank you for playing a role in our journey, championing this little business, and being responsible for our successes (even when they come in a 2x2 inch mention in the back).

I know the real Glen and Effie would have been equally, if not more, humbled.

This little feature is small but mighty and a dream worth sharing. Thank you for being a part of it.