Traditions have always evolved and changed over time, but weddings seem to carry and hold onto more customs than any other human event. Throughout the Victorian Era, an incredible influence was placed on a young lady's wedding due to the social norm of women not holding careers or a working life outside of the home. One of the more popular (and our favorite because it involves jewelry!) traditions began with the proposal: a groom would present his future bride with a set of bracelets - one to be worn at the beginning of their engagement and the second to be put on the day of her wedding. Over time it became customary for women to pass these down from daughter to daughter.

Now, over 100 years later, we're finding and unearthing these beautiful designs one at a time often without their "mate". Not only are we a HUGE fan of the story behind these pieces, but we've been having so much fun restoring and adding to the original design (plus, they look great layered together)!