A Token to Remember Me...


A Victorian Lady wearing a necklace featuring her collection of Love Tokens.Love Tokens hold literal to their name--they're a coin, typically a dime piece, that has been smoothed out, hand engraved and given to someone you love. These sweet little keepsakes and mementos were specifically carved with the recipient in mind. The initials of the giver were most commonly engraved on one side of the coin or hidden within a scene. Names and important dates were the most popular images to gift and, perhaps, the more scarcer and special were sayings and pictures. These little tokens were given to specifically remember the giver, an important date, place or event--how sweet and intentional is that? Love Tokens were very popular in the Victorian era: it was common (an envied) to see a woman wearing a bracelet, necklace, brooch or even earrings made from personalized dime pieces. 
We love imagining what the original story might have been behind each piece--but what we love even more is reviving these little stories over a century later.

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