A Grandmother's Ring Personalized

Amy brought us her grandmother's ring that, although beautiful, didn't feel like an heirloom she would ever wear. The tulip setting naturally gave the ring a high profile that made it easy to snag or catch on clothing and surfaces - which wasn't practical for Amy's day-to-day lifestyle.
The sketch of the final design.
With a love for art deco design and detail, we began talking through several band designs and stone arrangements with the six sapphires and a single diamond from the original piece.
The digital rendering of the final sketch design.
Together we designed a simple, low-profile 14k white gold band with the original diamond framed evenly with the sapphires. We added milgrain details around the stones, commonly found in art deco jewelry designs, with a high polish finish.
Amy's finished ring was ultimately designed to become an everyday staple, as well as a piece to start a ring stack with other heirlooms in the future. We were also able to credit the gold in her original ring setting to go towards her final commission total.