A Bracelet Transformed Three Ways

Keely's original diamond and emerald tennis bracelet inherited from her mother.

Keely came to us with an emerald and diamond tennis bracelet she inherited from her mother. She didn't wear it often, and wanted to do something special - not only for her, but her sister and mother too. 

Initial ring and pendant sketches.

After our initial consult, we decided that simple bands would be the best fit for Keely and her sister - a design that could be easily stacked or worn separately. She also wanted to create a simple, meaningful pendant for her mother with the remaining stones - so we talked and worked through several different necklace designs. 

Digital renderings of the final ring design.

Keely originally came into the meeting wanting two different bands for her and her sister. But the design with the alternating stones in a bezel setting won her heart, so much so she wanted the pendant for her mother to reflect the same design.

The final, matching ring design for Keely and her sister.

Keely wanted her mother's pendant to look slightly different than her and her sister's ring, so she chose a different stone layout for the final design.

The final complimenting pendant design for Keely's mother.

Keely also ended up having extra, unused stones after this project that she hopes to create a complimenting set of earrings for her daughter when she gets a little older (an idea we adore!). We loved creating this simple and sentimental set for these three women - such a beautiful way to connect and remind each other of their mother-daughter-sister bond.