Tintypes are one of the oldest forms of photography created on a thin sheet of metal. Dating back to the late 1800s, tintypes capture a single image at a time. 
Glen & Effie is bringing the old back to life with the help of Aidan Higginbotham, a modern day tintype photographer. Join us as we offer limited, modern day "mini" tintype sessions to set into antique lockets!



All sessions will be hosted at Glen & Effie's Nashville showroom with each session in 30 minute time slots. 

Each 30 minute session is for one "mini" tintype. If you would like 2 photos, one for each side of a locket, you will need to purchase 2 sessions. Because of their small nature, we can only photograph one subject per "mini" tintype.

Please note that this ticket includes payment for your tintype portrait and our bench jewelers time to photograph, cut, shape, and custom set your portrait into an antique locket.

There is a single, very bright flash in order to capture each tintype--because of this, every participant will sign a liability waiver before their session.

Locket purchases are separate from the tintype session. Preferred lockets can be purchased at this link: https://www.glenandeffie.com/collections/tintype-lockets

 Common FAQs:

I have a toddler - are they old enough for a tintype?

Children under 3 years old will need to be able to sit still for the photo. Please remember there is a single, very bright flash to capture one photo. Children under this age can also sit in a parent's lap for their photo. There is time built in for one retake, but if you have doubts your child can briefly sit still, it might be best to wait until they are older.

What do I wear for my session?

Stay away from bold patterns and extreme colors. The photo will focus on these colors and take away from the person in the image. Denim and neutrals will be your best bet! 

I want a tintype of my dog - how does that work?

If you are bringing a pet, they must be able to sit and stay on command. All pets must wait in the car before & immediately after their photo is taken. Please have your pet on a leash. Please inform us ahead of time if you intend bring a pet for your session.

Can I bring my own locket?

Yes, but it will need to meet some criteria to make sure your tintype will fit inside. Each tintype photo is 2x1 inch. Your locket will need to be able to fit this size and have a frame to hold the photo in place inside your locket. If you plan to use your own locket please reach out to hello@glenandeffie.com so we can verify it is a good fit!

Do I have to buy a locket in advance?

We strongly suggest purchasing a locket in advance: each locket varies in size and shape--knowing what shape your locket is prior to your session helps our photographer know what distance to capture your tintype at.