An Old Art Deco Design Made Contemporary

The profile of our client's original ring.

Our client brought us her 1920s art deco ring seeking some help and guidance in a redesign that felt modern while still maintaining the art deco essence of the original design. 

 Our client's original ring.

She fell in love with an estate ring from the 1920s, but wanted to set her mom's heirloom diamond in the center - the only problem was it was slightly too big to set down in the setting like the original design. The jeweler who did this alteration also used a modern, stock setting that was out of proportion for the art deco design. The end result made the ring have an incredibly high profile that wasn't functional for every day wear, and was proportionally distorted from a design perspective.

The final CAD design.

To flatten the profile of the ring, we removed the small halo of diamonds that encircled the center diamond to prevent the ring from being too wide on her finger. With the multiple tapered baguettes and small diamonds, we went through several rounds of CAD renderings to make sure the arrangement and placement was just right. 

The 3D wax model of the second to last CAD rendering.

Our client loved this rendering and wanted to see a model before she approved the final design - once she saw it in person she made on last design tweak and requested for the overall stone arrangement to be flipped as a horizontal (east-west) setting instead of vertical.  

The final, finished ring was cast 14k white gold and set in a contemporary, geometric solid base setting. 

Our client not only loved the end result, but was incredibly grateful to wear a design that didn't feel bulky, snag or bump against common objects and still nodded to the original 1920s design she originally fell in love with.