Custom Sapphire + Diamond Redesign

Our client's original necklace with 3 diamond stones. The necklace had a delicate chains that had gradually become twisted, tangled, knotted and stretched beyond repair over time.

With an unworn diamond necklace in hand, our client came to us hoping to unset and reimagine her three heirloom stones into a colorful, statement ring she could wear everyday. Wanting a bright, colorful stone with an old-world feel, she decided to use two of her diamonds to frame add a larger sapphire center gem.

The digital CAD rendering of our client's final ring design.

After walking through several sketches, designs, and sourcing multiple sapphire stones in various sizes and cuts for her to choose from, she settled on an antique cushion cut stone as her center statement. As soon as a center sapphire was chosen, we sent stone measurements and sketches off to rendering to finalize and tweak the finished design!

The final, finished ring design.

The finished ring turned out to be a chic, classic, design that is equally a statement as it is a timeless heirloom that can not only be worn, but be passed down for generations to come. 

As for her remaining third diamond? Our client opted for a very simple setting, bail and chain in a necklace design to wear and layer with her other favorite necklace designs every day.