High School Ring Made Modern

This ring renovation was a personal project: my senior year of high school my parents gave me the option of choosing a class ring or a "real" ring - and it was of the easiest decisions I made that year. I ended up choosing an antique garnet reset in a rose gold and diamond setting. Over time the prongs became loose and one was eventually was snagged, causing the center stone to fall out of its setting.

Original Sketches and 3D wax model.

Looking to ancient jewelry recovered from the Byzantine and Roman Empires for inspiration, I sketched several designs featuring the large garnet in a raised gold bezel setting. The small diamonds removed from the original setting were set aside to be designed in a separate band, star-set as a design similar to those made in the 1800-1900s.
Both of the final ring designs were given a satin finish to not only portray an "old world" feel similar to ancient jewelry, but to help hide any scratches or signs of heavy wear - since I am very hard on my jewelry. They were made to be worn separately but designed to still compliment one another if worn on at the same time.