As a small business, our customers mean the world to us. Every purchase, share, and word of praise holds more value than we could ever express - as a thank you we want to give you something in return.
Our loyalty program is designed to not only give you insider access and first dibs, but to reward every purchase, referral you pass along to your friends, and more.
Below we’ve outlined general questions, how you can earn points, and redeem rewards. You're welcome to reach out at any time with questions about G&E Rewards via our Contact Page or at


What is G&E Rewards and do I have to have to pay to join?
G&E Rewards is a loyalty program - becoming a member is easy, doesn't cost anything and includes different benefits! At this time, you can earn points for creating an account*, making purchases, referring a friend, signing up for our mailing list, on your birthday, and other actions Glen & Effie offers to reward members for a limited time.
How do create an account online?
Simply click on the "G&E Rewards" button or "gift" icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen, click "sign up", and follow the prompts to create your account.
Can I sign up in person?
We can send you an invitation via email to sign up when you checkout with us in person, but for security purposes we cannot create an account for you.


How do I earn points?
At this time, you can earn points for creating an account, making purchases, referring a friend, signing up for our mailing list, on your birthday, and other actions Glen & Effie offers to reward members for a limited time.**
How many points do I earn when I make a purchase?
10 points are awarded for every $1 spent. Points awarded for purchases are calculated based on the total paid, minus any shipping charges.
Can I earn points for in-person purchases?
Yes! But only at Glen & Effie events and pop-ups***. Just make sure you've created a G&E Rewards account and let us know at checkout - we'll be sure to pull up your account to ensure your purchase points are added.
How do I earn points for referring a friend?
Your friends can get free shipping(!) on their first purchase with us when they redeem the custom code you send them at checkout. If they make a minimum purchase of $30, you'll receive 50 points.
All free shipping referral codes are generated and can be sent through your G&E Rewards account. You can send multiple codes and referrals through your account
Can I earn points for past purchases?
Unfortunately, our loyalty program will only begin to award points for purchases made after you create a G&E Rewards account with us.
My points say "pending" in my account, what does this mean?
All points awarded for purchases have a 5 day approval period, the same time frame as our return policy, before they are officially added to your account and can be used towards rewards. As soon as the 5 day approval period lapses, the "pending" period will be lifted and will be available to redeem.
If I return an item purchased with my loyalty points, will I get them back?
Sadly our rewards system will not refund points when an order has been refunded partially. Only orders returned in full will be able to receive a refund in points.
I bought jewelry through a social media flash sale, but I don't see my points in my account?
We do not award points for purchases made through Instagram or Facebook flash sales unless otherwise advertised or stated. Points will be awarded for pieces purchased listed on sale through our website -  just not special prices offered on Instagram stories, Instagram Live, or Facebook Live events.


What kind of rewards will I receive?
Once you begin collecting points, you can redeem pre-set amounts for free shipping, dollar discounts, and other rewards Glen & Effie offers to members for a limited time.
How do I redeem awards?
  1. When you log into your G&E Rewards account and click on the "Rewards" tab, you will see the available rewards and points needed to redeem them.
  2. Once you gain enough points to redeem an award, you will see an "Active Rewards" section appear on "Home" tab of your account.
  3. When you're ready to apply your reward, simply click on the voucher and enter the code provided at checkout.
Can I redeem rewards in person?
Yes! Just let us know you're a G&E Rewards Member at checkout and we can see what rewards you have available to apply towards your purchase.
*in order to receive points toward redeeming awards, you must sign up with your email and create a G&E Rewards account. All of our account information will remain private and not be sold or shared.
**Glen & Effie reserves the right to change or add to what actions or offers garners points.
***unfortunately, we can not award points for purchases made from third party businesses or individuals. G&E Rewards points are only awarded for purchases at Glen & Effie events or made through