Knight Talisman Necklace

Knight Talisman Necklace


This one-of-a-kind necklace is composed of:

  • Victorian watch fob pendant from the late 1800s featuring an enameled detail of the “Knights of Pythias” fraternal organization.

  • Victorian watch fob clasp.

  • 14k gold 18” chain and clasp with an additional 1” drop down from the latch to the pendant.

The Story of The Knights of Pythias

The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization and secret society founded in Washington, D.C., on 19 February 1864.

The Knights of Pythias was the first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an act of the United States Congress. It was founded by Justus H. Rathbone, who had been inspired by a play by the Irish poet John Banim about the legend of Damon and Pythias. This legend illustrates the ideals of loyalty, honor, and friendship that are the center of the order.

Early in the group's history, when a man was inducted into the Knights of Pythias, he received a ceremonial sword. Such a sword might be given to a Pythian by family members, business associates, or others as a token of esteem. Markings on swords varied widely. Most swords were inscribed with the acronym "FCB", which stands for the Pythian motto ("Friendship, Charity, Benevolence").

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