Old Pendants Made New

Cindy came to us with several pieces she had collected while traveling over the years - a couple pendants she never wore as often as she wanted, and a necklace loved, but wanted to make more modern.

For her blue bar pin, we removed, smoothed and finished the back and added a simple chain to make for a unique everyday piece.

A large brass pin and antique coin were two of the larger pieces we redesigned - each with Victorian watch fob clips from the late 1800s. As we pulled these pieces from our inventory, we were conscious in selecting pieces that matched and complimented each pendant's unique design - careful not to pair them with pieces that were overpowering or distracting.

The best feature about these two designs? We made them each at a standard 18", each with a matching, larger heavy chain, that could be lengthened to 32" with an extender that could interchange between the two! Cindy loved wearing short and longer necklaces, but wasn't sure what length she would wanted each pendant to hang. Having the matching extender solved the decision and gave her more options and versatility to wear each piece!