A Mother's Earrings Get A New Life

Kim came to us with several special heirlooms she had hiding in her jewelry box for years: a tiny primary choir pin she received in church as a kid, a broken sterling silver pin from her youth, and her mother's rhinestone costume clip on earrings.

For the enameled choir pin, we removed, filed and finished the back, and added a delicate chain. Because this piece was so small (it was smaller than a dime!) we wanted to keep it simple to not take away from the pin - it ended up being a perfect piece to layer and mix with others!

Kim decided to turn her silver pin into a bracelet: we smoothed and finished the back while adding a heavy, modern gold chain.

Our favorite accessory of this commission was working with Kim's inherited costume earrings from her mother. Together we decided that joining the two together to form a "u" shape would make for a great center statement necklace. After removing the back clips of each earring, we custom cut and made a back plate to join the two pieces and added a heavy modern chain that matched the new chain in Kim's new bracelet.

It's usually the pieces that have little financial value that hold the most sentiment: remembering your mother getting dressed up for special occasions, the memory in discovering your love for music every Sunday morning as a child - working with you to redesign and tell these stories in a modern design will always be the greatest honor.