A Wedding Band Made New

Meg's wedding set with her original wedding band.
Inherited diamonds are some of the best diamonds to receive, but their design doesn't always suit our personal style. Meg's heirloom was no different: after inheriting her mother's yellow gold anniversary ring and plating it with white gold to match her engagement ring, her set was perfect. After several years, the plating faded and the setting began to show signs of structural wear that would eventually compromise the diamond design.
Initial sketches.
Knowing her ring would eventually need to be reset, Meg decided to redesign her original stones into a band that felt more like her. A classic spin on organic shapes and bohemian style was the inspiration for the first phase of sketches.
Digital rendering of the final ring design.
After talking details, we decided to move forward with a 3D digital rendering of the cluster sketch in white gold to match the metal of her engagement ring. 
The finished ring was truly a dramatic transformation. The combination of white gold and a prong setting allowed more light to pass through the design--not only making the diamonds reflect and take on a little extra sparkle, but ultimately resulting in them appearing nearly twice as large in comparison to Meg's original ring.